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12.1 Installation on Linux
Java Tutorial Häufigkeit innerhalb einer Map (Array ?)
public void read(String text) {
  for (String word : text.split(” “)) {
    map.computeIfPresent(word, (String key, Integer value) -> ++value);
AbstractMap entrySet() Method in Java with Examples
Sorting , Comparable/Comparator Servlet Specification Inheritance, Interfaces, Abstract Classes
Auditing oracle Darknet
Was macht eigentlich der Scrum Master so den ganzen Tag?
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Japanische news Site IT

SQL Tools Download
  AZURE,3546389?utm_source=Nach-Artikeltyp_1,30,124&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=RSS-Feeds   Azure Java Trigger/Function
Azure Storage Blob
Android TextUtils

Java Oracle PI

Oracle Linux
Oracle Live SQL

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VPN Detection

Jupiter Notebook Alternative

Google Code Archive

Core Java
JDeveloper Tuning

Augen Irritationsbilder

SQL Instant Client Linux Audit : Lynis IT Architect, Japan, Secure programming
OWASP Firewall Project


Oracle : Polymorphic Table Functions
12.6.5 Oracle 18XE

R Analytics, imbalanced distributions

Authentifizierung Blockchain   Network
Tanenbaum, Wetherall Computer Networks 5e—A-Tanenbaum—5th-edition.pdf

Web Server from scrath
Http in Javascript
Servlet Tutorial

Git / Binder / Jupiter Notebook CISSP Knowledge Books by Domain   Habr Oracle Tuning Multiple Parameter report   CCC Portal

Oracle Videos
Oracle Java Quiz
Raspberry PI,-i2c-sensor-and-java-me-8   Class Coupling System coupling concept
Hard Parse
Oracle 12c Multitanent Database Journal

secure programming   Python   NODE.JS   CISCO : ICND1+ICND2 , CCNA Routing & Switching   Javascript incl. callback explanation   IaC   Oracle Security   Hard Parse, Oracle
  Oracle Database Trigger / ADF Lock Issue : Refresh after update/insert, Table locking
  EBS 11/12 Security Patches   SERVERLESS/MICROSERVICE Polymorhe Funktionen : Return Wert hängt von Eingabewert ab+Komplexe Objekteingabe+PL/SQL Pipeline
CDATA in XML select   Oracle Habr Multiple Variable Query tuning   Japan IT Architect   UDACITY–ud120#   Explain Shell, Linux   Talend   Linuc Japan   Infosec Seminare   Datenbank Magazin Datenbank Security Tools   Linuxacademy   Java Cert
Java inner Classes (interfaces)   Javascript Programming : async Funktionen mit callback
O’Reilly Effective Java   ML Regresion Technics   Python lernen Python IDE Browser
info-security magazine webinar   ITIL/ DevOps   Use of Bayesian GAN
ElasticSearch :  SIEM, Logfiles, non SQL Data